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Alpaca baby scarf

$ 69.00

-Baby alpaca fiber is silky and soft. Its thickness varies from 18 to 22 microns (cashmere is 19 microns). It is seven times warmer than sheep's wool and contains microscopic air pockets that make it lightweight and breathable. 

-Alpacas are raised free in the highlands of Peru without pesticides. They are not fed hormones and are not given chemicals.

-The number of fibers needed to make a 
Alpaca clothing is much lower in comparison with other animals. With a single alpaca it is possible to make five sweaters.

-The alpaca fiber is stronger than the sheep wool which makes it more resistant to water and remains beautiful after washing.

-Unlike sheep wool, alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, making it hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. 

* We recommend hand washing with cold water


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