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Why shop at DécOrigine?

Written by Nathalie Robitaille


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I do not know about you, but I feel I'm getting more and more solicited by new online stores that supposedly all sell revolutionary products. So how would the DécOrigine shop be different? No, we have not invented an armchair that will cure you of your daytime muscle in 10 minutes, but what we offer you are unique creations, made with heart by manufacturers from Mexico and Latin America.


I work on a daily basis with my Mexican friend and business partner Armando, who is on site in Guadalajara to find you the most beautiful products that have been designed and manufactured in Mexico by 100% Mexican companies. Armando travels through furniture fairs, public markets and industrial districts to meet small and large manufacturers of exceptional products. Once contact is made, he introduces me to the manufacturer and we can start working on the import process. I am always delighted to see how the products are original and of superior quality. For many of them, this is their first export to Canada and it makes them very proud to know that their products are appreciated here. (And I am also proud to present their creations to you!)


We receive directly the products at home DécOrigine shop and they are immediately available on our website. In this way, there is no other intermediary than us and that is why you always have access to the best prices for exclusive products. In addition, we invite you to come by appointment to our shop in Wendake to see the products before you get them and save on shipping costs.


With DécOrigine, we want to discover new facets of Mexico. I am pampered to work every day with passionate manufacturers who make Mexico shine internationally.


Thank you for believing in the know-how of these manufacturers who try every day to show you through their furniture and accessories the beauty of their country and the exceptional talent found there.


 Here is the craftsman who makes our leather mirrors in Guadalajara