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Written by Nathalie Robitaille


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Welcome to our DécOrigine page, the page that will make you travel! I am passionate about traveling and I have always loved to discover what other countries are doing. I had the chance to study in different countries, including Mexico. While traveling in this country, I often saw products out of the ordinary and I wanted to buy everything to bring home and show my family how much we can find small treasures in Mexico. In shops or factories, we often find the craftsman himself or a member of his family who works there. It fascinated me even more to be able to connect with these people and hear their story. When I bought one of their products, not only did the item become a souvenir to bring back, but it was also a living memory with a soul and a story to tell about its origin. Of course, it is sometimes impossible to bring back all our favorites, especially if our favorite is an Acapulco chair! With friends from Mexico, we started thinking about working together to export Mexican products to Canada. We wanted to not only offer buyers exclusive decoration products, but also to introduce the manufacturers and their world. We believe that a warm decor begins with knowing the provenance and history surrounding the decorative elements that are part of our daily lives.


With this in mind, the DécOrigine boutique was born! We hope you enjoy every visit you make on our page. For now, we offer products from Mexico, but stay tuned, eventually we will offer items from different origins.


Have fun and have a good trip on DécOrigine!

DécOrigine, the shop that does not just sell you a product, it makes you discover its origin and its history.